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Monday, November 27, 2006

Correction - You get only back what you give

Wow my first response! And a need for my correction.

In the post below is a response from a geoTagger with Flickr. Apparently what ever you pass into Flickr in terms of EXIF content you get back? Also there is a hint that Flickr may soon pass along the Flickr Tags as an option but then again the potential compexity of the "tagging" might overwhelm EXIF standards?

EXIF has all sorts of potential but its design is a tad complex. Adobie has a companion file design that might be a "next step" standard? Will think about this a bit more and post some info in a week or so.

Time will tell....

Flickr - One Way Only?

Excuse my absence. Been busy moving.

I do have an observation that really has me a bit disturbed on the apparent one-way-ization of Flickr images. While exploring the Flickr "tagging" phenomena I discovered that when you down-load a Flickr image, either mine or other shared images, they arrive essentially stripped of all their tags including normal EXIF data they started with? I guess the Yahoo outfit does not like the idea that tagged images might be used elsewhere? There must be money "money in-them-thar Flickr images"? Once they got you by your pictures, the rest soon follows?

On the other hand, images that I have good EXIF data in when shared via retains the EXIF metadata - up and down. Only "detail" is you need to download a shared catalog with Picasa. But once they are on your local drive, you can work with them via Adobe and other image processing tools.

I prefer the design and attitude towards sharing an image's metadata: keep your images on your own storage, upload only the ones you really want to share, and then pass around the proper link to your shared catalogs. Those that download your shared catalogs get the metadata as well.

If you want to explore some of the differences between Flickr and Picasa.Net take a read at:

"First step: get the photos into Picasa, Google’s excellent free Windows photo organizer. I used FlickrDown to download the photoset from Flickr to my Windows box. It was simple, though I was sad that there was no way to preserve my photos’ tags. I then downloaded the new version of Picasa from the Picasa Web Albums site. (You need to get this specific version to be able to do the fancy stuff I’m about to describe.) Picasa immediately found and imported the downloaded photos—so far, so good."