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IsWHERE is a log of my thoughts, reflections, and news/blog links on the emergence of image and video geospatial tagging. On May5th this year, I opened a second blog to deal with more detailed aspects of tools for FalconView and TalonView can be found at RouteScout. Trends I want to try and follow are the various disruptions resulting from spatial smart-phones, how many GPS devices are out there, smart-cameras, and other related news. And yes, I have a business interest in all of this. My company Red Hen has been pioneering this sort of geomedia for more than a decade.

So beyond a personal blog, I also provide a link to IsWHERE a shareware tool created by Red Hen Systems to readily place geoJPEG or geotagged imagery and soon GEM full motion media kept on your own computer(s) into Google Earth/Map from your File Manager media selection. Works great for geotagged images from Nikon, Ricoh, Sony, iPHONE, Android and all geo-smartphones that can create geotagged images. IsWhere - read about it

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Monday, January 22, 2007

One Billion Cameras -

What Happens When A Billion People Worldwide Become Equipped With The Tools Of Visual Communication?

In the past four years the number of cameras in people’s hands worldwide has increased by 600%. It will double again over the next five years. Total number of cameras of all kinds sold in 2000: 85 Million units. Projected 2008 sales: One Billion units. Pervasive, web-connected imaging and the explosion of user-generated visual content are transforming how we communicate with each other in our personal, work, and community lives.

What happens when a billion users of many cultures, and scores of engineers and entrepreneurs, focus on new ways to enrich customers’ lives through imaging? What happens when R&D is fueled by an order-of-magnitude increase in economic reward? And what happens to the industry’s business models and value formulas?

FutureImage - 6Sight

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Barefoot Disaster Pointography

Red Hen Systems has a growing list of international users. In the
immediate moments after an natural disaster confusion is the norm as large
effort is expended to realize the extent and severity on the affected
communities. Spatial multimedia or the indexing of images, video and
audio tied into building of a minute-to-minute dynamic map of that
information as provided from the field then immediately sharing and
distributing that content via the web. Sort of bare-footed-CNN
as an effective pathway to insight and conditions in the immediate
aftermath. Reality is connected to place, access can be understood, and
the immediate needs of triage addresses. A hard reality would be to
claim this content as near-real-time citizens "disaster-casting". This
sort of on-the-sport at the moment personal notice and will likely become
more a feature of our daily awareness than less.

Red Hen Systems wants to help harness and enable geo-photographers,
photo-geographers, and all those skilled in every-day pointography to help
accelerate accurate information to assist all in understanding those
affected, to enable effective timely assistance, and help document the
good, the bad, and ugly of recovery. Sort of big stuff but we are going
to give it a fair go. Interested?

Flood Archives

As a first step, Red Hen is going to try to enable those of our clients
and any of you with interest and skill and likely guts to assist in the
geo-tagging of this critically valuable information, essentially those willing
to do this sort of "on-call" work, to jump-in and
help, to cross-list on volunteers and commercial outfits
willing "to do first" and "talk later" basis via the following site:

Geotagging and Disaster Mapping

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Yahoo versus Google - No more Mashing???

Ran accross this today as sort of a foot note and wonder if its an Uh-o, or a dead "bird in the mine" regarding the commercial interests limiting of the total freedom "Mashing" enjoys? If I see the signals right, in the most current licensing facts of Yahoo's APIs versus mashing the results with Google, well I guess Yahoo has decided what is Yahoo's is Yahoo's? I am going to bet its going to be a VERY HOT topic very soon? Flickr's geotagging value didn't come from Yahoo but from several of the very best Mashups that tied Flickr images to Google Earth. But that was way back when mashing was new news within the Wall Street Journal?

Essentially it looks like Yahoo does not want nor will they permit their API to geocode/geotag information that is later mashed or passed-over to Google Earth or Map? Something here IMHO...

"Phoogle Maps (pronounced like Foogle Maps) is a PHP class that integrates itself with the Google Maps API and with the Yahoo Geocoding API to make an easy to use interface to display Google Maps on your site."

Mapperz Note to Users: Check the Yahoo Maps API Terms and Conditions before investing time on this. There maybe infringement using the Yahoo Geocoder with Google Maps.

Mapperz's Phoogle Maps Blog Article

Monday, January 15, 2007

Great Bluetooth GPS Units

Working through how to properly set up BloggerKit to attach Amazon deals on stuff relevant to this Blog. If BloggerKit works according to their offer, 85 percent of the time any related Amazon click-throughs that result in a sale will land in our account - 4 or 8 pecent is the suggestion. Right now all that results is alink to Amazon Gift Cerificates... not a likley solution IMHO. I like the idea but still need to see the actual results... Take a look at their site and comment if you have thoughts...

MidNight Mapper
aka neil

Friday, January 12, 2007

Zooomr's booobr? Viral Marketing of geotagged Porn? - Server kicked over!!!

Wanted to check in on Zooomr's total images stats but they have recently had their servers kicked over by a viral geo-marketing idea posted at the CES that, I guess backfired... maybe booobr-fired is the proper term?

Man, I hope this isn't the start of geotagged porn? I sort of liked the mystery of not really knowing where.... Stay tuned to see if they turn to the "dark-side"?

Well folks, it seems like I’ve gone and inadvertently gotten our beloved Zooomr’s servers pounded (No pun intended ). I posted a set of images up on the “Babes of CES” that’s making it’s way around the Internet on some of the more popular sites out there… Kristopher and I are sitting here at Massimo Cafe in San Francisco working on getting things optimized and back up to the smooth running Zooomr that we all love so much.

Sorry about any inconveniences.

Denial of Babes
& Breasts (DOBB) Attack