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Friday, December 01, 2006

Geotagging Statistics

Was curious about the "total count" progress for geotagging imagery. Trying to find direct counts as well as proxies. I went through my notes and here are some quick observations.

Flickr started formally "geotagging" images on or about the 28th of August. They suggest they have around 300 million images; all in around 7.8 million are geo tagged as of the end of November 2006.

August 28th - the start - assume 0
August 29th - 1.234,284 million
September 9th - around 2.5 million
November 20th - 7.340,532 million
December 1st - 7.848,101 million

On average this works out to around 80,000 images per day for 93 days or so... seems to be declining a bit from one million per day at opening to a bit over 50k in recent days. Still a heap.

Also ran on to a stat from WebShots... they have around 397,000,000 images as of end of November. They have quite a good geographical organization in that there is a long list of images organized by goeraphical name - but no obvious map yet...

Kodak's Easyshare is rumored to be approaching a billion total images. Nothing obvious as to location though but I have not spent much time digging into what they are doing.

Zooomr is also hunting the geotagger. The have an interestig map up but just now it was a bit jammed..

Any other insights to the geotagging of imagery?

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