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IsWHERE is a log of my thoughts, reflections, and news/blog links on the emergence of image and video geospatial tagging. On May5th this year, I opened a second blog to deal with more detailed aspects of tools for FalconView and TalonView can be found at RouteScout. Trends I want to try and follow are the various disruptions resulting from spatial smart-phones, how many GPS devices are out there, smart-cameras, and other related news. And yes, I have a business interest in all of this. My company Red Hen has been pioneering this sort of geomedia for more than a decade.

So beyond a personal blog, I also provide a link to IsWHERE a shareware tool created by Red Hen Systems to readily place geoJPEG or geotagged imagery and soon GEM full motion media kept on your own computer(s) into Google Earth/Map from your File Manager media selection. Works great for geotagged images from Nikon, Ricoh, Sony, iPHONE, Android and all geo-smartphones that can create geotagged images. IsWhere - read about it

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ricoh Geo-Imaging and FREE Google Earth Viewing

Calling all Ricoh Geo-imaging Pointographers
FREE Google Earth Geotagged Image Viewers - SAVE $200!

Got Ricoh geotagging? If you do, your geo-image map making just became FREE. No more need for a $200 ouit-of-date software...! If you are an owner of one of Ricoh's Geo-Imaging products like the Capio RR1, the Capliio RR30, the RDC i700 or their newest model the Ricoh Caplio 500SE you do not really need a geotagger software. What you do need is either Google's Picasa Photo Catalog or Red Hen's IsWhere utility. Both solutions are free and allow the user to display and review his geotagged images on Google Earth.

Picasa is a great tool that resides on your PC, handles the cataloging of your images, has great tools and features including the ability to post and share some of your local photos with friends via Picasa.NET. Most importantly for you "pointographers" is that each goetagged image is identified by a geotagged symbol and when needed can be displayed via its position on Google Earth. Picasa 2 Free Download and Net Storage

Alternatively if you have already settled on a image cataloger like ACDC, Microsoft Image, or one of the many others, you can download IsWhere and there-after have immediate access to geotagged images via Google Earth. Drag and drop a image or a selection of images or just browse and highlight the directories you would like to display on Google Earth , hit the &lt;CR> and Google Earth is loaded, and any geotagged image in your selection is placed. Simple and to the point....

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Allan said...

I have yet to see any mention of the system requirements of isWhere. Not even what OS. Seems like a fundamental piece of information to me...

walteradamson said...

This is spamware it took me more than 2 hours to uninstall manually and even after I emailed them they wouldn't help me uninstall - beware this is spamware at your own risk. There are still bits left on my machine and its very annoying.