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IsWHERE is a log of my thoughts, reflections, and news/blog links on the emergence of image and video geospatial tagging. On May5th this year, I opened a second blog to deal with more detailed aspects of tools for FalconView and TalonView can be found at RouteScout. Trends I want to try and follow are the various disruptions resulting from spatial smart-phones, how many GPS devices are out there, smart-cameras, and other related news. And yes, I have a business interest in all of this. My company Red Hen has been pioneering this sort of geomedia for more than a decade.

So beyond a personal blog, I also provide a link to IsWHERE a shareware tool created by Red Hen Systems to readily place geoJPEG or geotagged imagery and soon GEM full motion media kept on your own computer(s) into Google Earth/Map from your File Manager media selection. Works great for geotagged images from Nikon, Ricoh, Sony, iPHONE, Android and all geo-smartphones that can create geotagged images. IsWhere - read about it

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Friday, April 09, 2010

Apple's iPhone has peaked....

A rather interesting set of commentary on Apple's agression on Adobie, HTC, and others... if you can not beat them litigate?

iPhone in Memoriam: A History from its Peak Moment of Success. But who copied whom?

I have seen enough of the numbers - as I reported before, the Christmas sales were brutal for the iPhone, the first sign of major trouble. The latest first-quarter 2010 numbers just reinforce that view. I am now ready to call it, Apple has peaked.

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