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Friday, July 16, 2010

There you go. Ten segments in all. I ...

An 8 Segment Model to Analyze Smartphone Market, Consumers and Handsets

I've been doing some nasty blogs recently, very negative vibes. I wanted to do something positive for now, especially to celebrate our 1 millionth page view on this blog today. And as I've been doing so much of the segmentation thinking in mobile over the years, the industry's first segmentation book, Nokia's first Segmentation Manager, running segmentation workshops on all 6 continents and all that, I thought many of the readers of this blog would be interested to see my best effort to split the smartphone market into 8 segments (or actually 10) and give my best views on those segment sizes, what peculiar needs a given segment (ie its customers) may have, and obviously how the major smartphone makers fit into given segments. This is based on some current thinking I have for a cool project you guys will hear of later in the year, but this part has been ready for a while and I think it helps illuminate the smartphone 'bloodbath' opportunities. 

(Long blog warning! This is one of Tomi's trademark long detailed fact-overloaded blogs. If you really are not very intersted in the finer points of smartphones, feel free to skip this blog. But if this is a passion of yours, I intend this to be one of the blog posts you will find most valuable on this site... Go get that cup of coffee first...)

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There you go. Ten segments in all. I removed Japan, 20 million, and split the remaining 210 million smartphone market into one enterprise group and a consumer group with 8 segments. Previously in the above, I calculated the proportion among 'consumer smartphones'. Now lets summarize by all (non Japan) smartphones.

Enterprise smartphones 50 million = 24%
Totally un-interested smartphones 20 million = 10%
Somewhat interested price conscious 60 million = 29%
Passionately decisive 80 million = 38%
Total market (excluding Japan) 210 million = 100%

Of the passionately decisive (80 million/38%), split into 6 sub-groups:
Music 6 million = 3%
Fashion 7 million = 3%
Camera 10 million = 5%
Apps 12 million = 6%
Web 15 million = 7%
Youth 30 million = 14%

Thats how I see the segmentation of smartphones in 2010. I hope this essay bought some value and insights to you. I am most interested in any opinions.

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