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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Unlimited has Limits - AT&T Will Soon Charge by the MB?

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- AT&T Inc. Chief Executive Randall Stephenson on Tuesday said wireless customers who are heavy Internet users will eventually pay more than those who use less.

Yikes!  Unlimited does not look to be unlimited anymore?

I recently purchased a Nexus to replace my long term use of Nokia mobile phones. I can not say my experience is totally awesome but I am getting used to dealing with something that is more of a personal computing device that has a phone and TXTing built in - kind of a weird turn IMHO.   So that said, in the last few days I have been increasingly parinoid of my first real bill from the Cingular systems upon which I rely. Why?  I simply swapped by SIM card from my Nokia over to my Nexus; I am not on a $30 unlimited data plan.

I know more or less what I should expect bill-wise for my voice minutes and TXTs but I don't have a clue what my data "add-on" will show. I have enjoyed loading a number of free apps like Google Earth, Car Finder, and the like as well as one paid-for alarm clock that I would like to get my 1.65 euros back on..  What I am learning about these uber-smartphones is that you need to understand that they seem to constantly be trading info... that little white light thumb cursor... blinks, blinks and blinks at how much per blink once AT&T shifts over to a metered billing?  

I have delayed my reliance on my Nexus for emails as I wanted to better understand if I could actually become one of the airport email junkies... sort of slide into this from a TXT addiction? I am not really ready with my Nexus to fully shilf as I can tell you that I really think Andorid needs a major re-think on their virtural keyboard. But a rotten keyboard might simply be a crafty fox? Why? Its related to my ever increasing use of the voice to TXT feature of Android's/Nexus keyboard. 

Because I have concluded that the Android/Nexus keyboard simply sucks, I have increasingly relied on the cool voice to TXT  function you can access from the keyboard.  It has worked dam good replacing my fat-thumbs. My MB freak-out is the result that a few days ago I discovered that the voice to TXT conversion does not occur on the phone but in the Google-sphere... suddenly how many MBs had I consumed sending a voice file to the cloud only to send along short texts of under 40 bytes because the keyboard sucks?

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