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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wintec's Affordable PDN - the WGS-1000

Wintec WGS-1000

Wintec Tiawan has recently added a nifty new handheld GPS device, the WGS-1000. It is the grown-up replacement to an earlier device, the WGS-100.

Brand new to Europe its March'08 release is just now getting attention. The suggest retail is around $100 euros or likely $150 US. Depending on how its functions and screen are used it has very good power longevity of up to 20 hours as a data logger. And data logging is 130,000 points/bread-crumbs large that can be set at time or distance interval logging is quite impressive. The WGS-1000 can be set at rates of up to 4 hertz. Built on a ubox chipset it has well know sensitivity as well as corrected accuracy via WAAS and EGNOS. The WGS-1000 also includes some great sensors: compass, barometer and thermometer. It can be interfaced via either Bluetooth or via a mini-USB connector that doubles as a charging port.

With included software the device's setting can be set, photos geotagged, and tracks downloaded and converted to KML for placing into Google Earth.

  • High Sensitivity Atmel / u-blox Antaris GPS chipset
  • 1 - 4 Hertz epochs setting WAAS / EGNOS
  • LCD display with easy menu structure
  • GPS Data Logger 130,000 points
  • Various screen selections:
    • Navigate, Satellite info, TrackBack, Performance
    • Lunar and Solar Sunset/Sunrise Lunar phase Display
    • TrackBack Feature with Directional "steer-to" display
  • Barometer
  • Electro Magnetic Compass
  • Thermometer
  • Bluetooth and mini-USB connection
  • Rechargeable, replaceable lithium-ion batter (BL-5C format)
  • 20 hours of continuous data logging
  • Water resistant

Wintec may have an entry-GPS winner this time around. While essentially a datalogger with a minimalist PND interface, the WGS-1000 will offer strong competition to entry solutions from Garmin like their Gekos and Colorado handhelds that cost four to five as much.

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